BEU Human Resource Development Question paper 2022 solution

BEU computer science previous year question. BEU human resource development and organization behaviour 2022 PYQ solution is provided.

(a) What is retraining?

(b) Define recruitment.

(c) What do you understand by perfomance management?

(d) Define negotiation.

(e) What is induction?

(f)List any two functions of a trade union.

(g) What is off-the-job training? Give two examples.

(h) Define competency management.

(i) What is HR planning?

(j)Explain job satisfaction.

2. What is the significance of HR in today’s global environment? Discuss the role of HR manager in today’s organizations.

3. Discuss the errors that may take place in assessing employee performance.

4. What is the need for workers’ participation in management? Explain any three methods through which workers can participate in management.

5 Discuss the evolution of organizational behaviour.

6. What is organizational politics? Discuss the factors contributing to organizational politics.

7. What is personality? What factors determine personality?

8. Elaborate the bargaining strategies in negotiation process.

9. Discuss the role of the State in industrial relations.


BEU Human Resource development question solution 2022 ==> Download

BEU Human Resource development question paper ==> Download

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