Computer Network 2022 Computer Science BEU question paper solution

Bihar engineering university Compter science and engineering. Computer network 2022 previous years question solution

(a) A proxy server is used as the computer

(i) with external access

(ii) acting as a backup

(iii) performing file handling

(iv) accessing user permissions

(b) The term ‘WAN’ stands for

(i) Wide Area Net

(ii) Wide Access Network

(i) Wide Area Network

(iv) Wide Access Net

(c) Which layer of the TCP/IP stack corresponds to the OSI model transport layer?

(i) Host-to-host

(ii) Application

(iii) Internet

(iv) Network access

(d) What is the maximum header size of an IP packet?

(i) 32 bytes

(ii) 64 bytes

(i) 30 bytes

60 bytes

(e) The address which is used to identify a process on a host is

@physical address

fport address

(iii) logical address

fu) specific address

Which sublayer of the information link layer performs circuit functions that depend on the kind of medium?

(Media access control sublayer

(ii) Logical link control sublayer

(iii) Network interface control sublayer

(iv) Both (i) and (ii)

(g) Transport layer protocol deals with

(i) application-to-application commu- nication

(ii) node-to-node communication

(iii) the process-to-process commu- nication

(iv) Both (i) and (iii)

(h) FTP server

(i) maintains state information

(ii) is stateless

(iii) has single TCP connection for a file transfer

(iv) has UDP connection for file transfer

(Which of the following is the multiple access protocol for channel access control?


(ii) CSMA/CA

(ii) Both CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA

(i) HDLC

(i) Physical layer provides

(i) mechanical specifications of electrical connectors and cables

(ii) electrical specification transmission line signal level of

(iii) specification for IR over optical fiber

(iv) All of the above


2. Explain the duties of different layers in TCP/IP model.

3. What do you mean by the term ‘ethernet? What are the types of cable commonly used for ethernet?

4. Differentiate between pure aloha and slotted aloha with examples.

5. How data link layers provide flow and error control? Explain with examples.

6. Describe RIP routing protocol with an example. Explain count to infinity problem and its countermeasures.

7. An ISP is granted the block The ISP needs to allocate addresses for two organizations each with 500 addresses, two organizations each with 250 addresses, and three organizations each with 50 addresses.(a) Find the number and range addresses in the ISP block. of (b) Find the range of addresses for each organization and the range unallocated addresses.

8. How transport layer provides congestion control? Differentiate between leaky bucket and token bucket algorithms.

9. Explain the difference between TCP and UDP. A client residing on a host with IP address sends a message to the corresponding server residing on a host with IP address If the well-known, port is 161 and the ephemeral port is 51000, what are the pair of socket addresses used in this communication?


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