BEU computer graphics question paper solution 2020

Bihar engineering university computer science engineering . computer graphics 2020 question paper solution . BEU 6th sem computer science engineering previous year solution.

1.Explain any seven of the following terms:

(i)Computer graphics
(b) Simulation
(c)Image processing
(d) Virtual reality
(e) Snapshot and frame
(f)Frame buffer
(g) Raster-scan systems
(h) Persistence
(I) Resolution
(J) Intensity

2. Explain the following: (a) Jag free images on a raster CRT (b) Interactive techniques for 3-D shaded graphics

3. (a) How long would it take to load a 1280 by 1024 frame buffer with 12 bits per pixel, if transfer rate is 1 mbps?
(b) How much memory is needed for frame buffer to store a 640×400 display 16 gray levels?
(c) In a 600×400 pixel, how many Kbytes does a frame buffer need?
(d) Compute the resolution of a 4×4 inch image that has 256×256 pixels.

4. (a) What is graphics standard in 3-D models? Why do you need a graphics standard? Explain.
(b) How does a graphics standard work with a graphics application? Explain.

5. (a) Describe GKS. What are the functionality and limitations of GKS? Explain.
(b) What are the uses of different classes of functions available in GKS? Explain.

6.Explain the following with respect to graphical workstations:

(a) Routing output to graphical work- stations

(b) Types of GKS, workstations

7. (a) List and describe the methods of creating animations.

(b) Define motion path and explain various specifications to define motion path.

(c) What is morphing? Explain.

8. Explain the 3-D reconstructon and its applications in detail.

9. Write short notes on any three of the following:

(a) Raster CRT

(b)3-D shading.

(c) Digital image processing

(d) Ray tracing

(e) Uses of computer animations in education and entertainment


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Computer graphics question paper 2020 ==>> Download

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